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Who is Nympho CMS for?

Nympho CMS is tailor-made for medium and large companies that want to have their web presentation fully under control, timely updated and use modern marketing and analytical tools for the collection and evaluation of user data.

A few facts about NYMPHO CMS

Nympho CMS provides the fundamental properties of content management systems such as the administration of text and visual content while offering countless opportunities for modification according to your requirement and connecting modern services and tools like social networking, marketing and application providers of visual, audiovisual, map or virtual content.

The second generation of Nympho CMS follows up on the success of the first generation especially with its minimalist concept, intuitiveness and functionality.

The graphical environment(1) of Nympho CMS is comfortable to use and time efficient in managing web content.

The system core(2) provides security and minimal system footprint which combined with modern SSD servers brings high speed content delivery into all desktop and mobile devices.

Nympho CMS is certainly not a generic content management solution. It is adaptable to the client's specific requirements under the supervision of experts from the relevant fields.


1) Graphical environment

The GRAPHICAL ENVIRONMENT is designed to intuitively present system options and web content setup to the end user. It provides minimalism, clarity and responsive web design which guarantees that you will never get lost even on a mobile device.

Fully responsive solution for modern websites

2) System core

The SYSTEM CORE takes care of processing user input and stored data. Unlike open source systems, Nympho CMA guarantees safety due to the unavailability of it's source code and error reports in a public environment which eliminates the risk of abuse via publicly known bugs or security holes in legacy versions. It is not a quick, generic solutions but a comprehensive solution that continues to refine itself to keep up with the requirements of modernization and enhanced functionality.

3) SSD server

Websites running using Nympho CMS are hosted on the fastest available servers. With a combination of lightweight content management system and a server with faster access to data, we are able to provide your content up to 70% faster.

Solid State Drive (SSD) is based on the purely electronic principle of data storage, not on the mechanical embodiment like in conventional Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

4) Modern services and tools

As part of the continuous improvement of the quality of service, we use, among other things, professional third-party solutions, which provide extra tools and features because of their popularity and long-term development, for example, Google. Implementation of these services brings you added value over and above the intended purpose.

5) Experts in the field

Your requirements will be presented to our experts who will analyse them and suggest the best possible solution.

Web Design and Content Management System is not an alien concept. Web Design and Content Management System is the future of your business.


We’ve created a user-friendly newsletter module, which is a part of a family of modules of our #NymphoCMS content management system, through which you can send out marketing messages with only a few clicks. Use Nympho CMS site management and keep everything under one roof. For more information, please contact us. Nympho turnkey solution will satisfy all requirements of your company.

NymphoNewsletter - an essential tool of communication with clients and fans - is one of the services and modules that make CMS Nympho what it is - a modern tool in the world of social marketing. It enables quick and convenient creation of newsletters that meet the highest standards and eliminate the risk of user errors. Our Nympho team will create a professional and valid template through NymphoNewsletter and manage all the elements necessary for the succesful delivery of your newsletter. These include management of the related DNS records and electronic signatures, which minimizes the risk of spam flag thereby maximizing the success of the delivery and opening of your newsletter.

NymphoNewsletter is user-friendly, highly intuitive and requires minimal know-how for working with template systems. All you need is basic working knowledge of a PC and speak any language. Your task will only be to insert graphic and text content, choose the right moment to send and with two clicks you will be able to send out your newsletter to a group of interest or to the entire list up to hundreds of thousands of customers. You can also leave this task up to our experts, who will take care of everything and make sure it all runs smoothly.

Tower Park Prague

Tower Park Prague

We created this minimalist web presentation for Tower Park, Prague. It implements our unique content management system Nympho CMS to enable comfortable web management. This project was done in cooperation with Jakub Vanek design studio. There were over 40 people, including web developers, film makers, photographers, translators and extras performing in the video clips, who actively participated over more than half a year.

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